Q: Are the horses nice and gentle?

A: Yes, all the horses are very well-behaved. The horses that do the beginner riders have wonderful temperaments and a lot of experience with new riders.

Q: Can I ride with my small child?

A: No, it is not safe to have two riders on one horse.

Q: Can I ride without a helmet?

A: No, everybody must wear a helmet.

Q: Do you have trails?

A: We have a small trail on the property ( only 9 acres), but this is primarily a equine skills based facility.

Q: How many riders can you accommodate?

A: We can accommodate 2 riders at a time, no more.

Q: What should I wear?

A: You need to wear pants and closed toed shoes. Riding a horse is a physical activity, so please make sure that you can move in the clothes you are wearing. If you wear shorts, you will get saddle sores. If you wear sandals, you will not be able to ride the horses.

Q: Do you have animals other than horses at your facility?

A: Yes, there are cats, dogs, chickens, and other wildlife that roam the property. All of our animals are well-behaved and will be respectful of your space.

Q: Will I get dirty?

A: More than likely you will be dirtier than when you arrived. How much depends on you and the weather. Please plan accordingly.